User's guide

The Vico Portal includes six main sections. Not all of them are fully operational at the moment, since the set up of the website is still in progress.
  • Works. The tab for each Vico work gives access to different available formats. ISPF provides image scans with searchable index of the ancient editions and the searchable electronic versions of the texts established by the critical edition. In some cases facsimile editions of annotated specimens and links to manuscripts are included. Links to other editions available on the net are indicated for each work.
  • Bibliographic resources. General Bibliographies incude the text-mode scans of the Contributi alla bibliografia vichiana published by the CNR from 1973 to the present and other searchable bibliographic resources. Special bibliographies include some thematic collections, supplemented when possible with a direct link to the digital resource. An experimental interface for a shared collection of the new bibliographical data - Vico Open Bibliography - is currently under construction.
  • Digital Library. This section contains the searchable catalog of the Vico resources available on the Internet, both those produced by ISPF and directly accessible, and those found on the Internet in open access and verified. It is possibile a field search and to select only our internal resources.
  • Manuscripts. The section is intended to collect digital versions of manuscripts by Vico or important for the study of his work kept at several Italian and foreign libraries and mainly at the National Library of Naples "Vittorio Emanuele III". At the moment there are only a few samples. An index of the collected materials with direct link will be provided.
  • Journals. This section provides the digital version of the past issues of the Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani and links to other specialized journals. At the moment not all the contents of these journals are listed in the catalog of the Digital Library.
  • Other resources. Links to other research institutions in the Vico studies and in neighboring fields, and in general of interest to scholars of these topics.