The “Vico Portal” is a project of the Institute for the history of philosophical and scientific thought in modern age (ISPF) of the Italian National Council of Research.

The Portal aims to be the broadest collection of Vichian resources and materials on the Internet. It collects all the relevant electronic publications edited by the Institute - such as Vico’s works (anastatic reproductions and critical editions), bibliographies, digital reproductions of the “Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani” and of ancient and modern works - as well as links to other trusted open access editions, directories and resources. The “Vico Portal” is therefore, for its own nature, a work in progress, committed to continuous improvement and update.

Between 2013 and 2015, the ERDF POR Campania 2007-2013 (project "Biblioteca vichiana") allows a major restructuring of the website, enhanced with many new digitisations and resources.